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You must wear proper eye and ear protection at all times.

All other Club Rules for our Pistol Range must be followed, no exceptions!


Unless a public shoot is scheduled, no guests are permitted at any time.

Range is CLOSED from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Thursdays during the Summer months.

When looking at the sliding pictures above, the newest pictures appear first followed by the older ones.  You can see what the range looked like before and after all of the recent improvements. 


Pin Shoots:

Weekly pin shoots are held on Mondays at 6:30 PM year-round. These shoots are open to the public.

5 shots per station, 1 shot at a time.  (Please arrive a few minutes early to sign up.)

Open sight straight wall pistol cartridge 9mm to 44 Magnum is what is permitted for these shoots.

Steel pins are being used so 1,000 fps or less.

If there is a National Holiday on Monday (a lot of them are) then the pistol shoot is canceled.

​After the Pin Shoot, there is a .22 Shoot, 25 rounds at small silhouettes.


​​The cost to participate is $6.00.  $2.50 goes towards the evening prize, $2.50 goes to the club, and $1.00 goes to tip the pin setter.


NRA Silhouettes


NRA Silhouettes are held every third Saturday of the month from April through September.  Registration begins at 9:00 AM and the shoot goes until 2:00 PM.  NRA Silhouettes are open to the public.  PLEASE NOTE: THE JUNE 2023 NRA SILHOUETTE SHOOT WAS CANCELED DUE TO THE NATIONALS AT RIDGWAY.

  • Hunter's Pistol

  • Cowboy Lever Action

  • Large Bore Silhouette

  • Long Range Silhouette

Below are a few videos from the August 19, 2023 NRA Silhouette shoot.



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