East Monongahela Sportsmen's Club

5717 Ella Hollow Road

Elizabeth, PA 15037

412-384-4747  (Not manned.)

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for any questions about membership.


Changes to Membership for 2021:

Starting with renewals and new members for 2021 there

was a membership and pricing structure change.

There are now non-active and active memberships.

A non-active member pays a higher yearly dues and does not have to attend any club activity, event, or function to secure their yearly membership price.

An active member pays a lower yearly dues and in return for the lower yearly dues must attend club activities, events, or functions and/or join a committee and participate when needed within that committee to secure their yearly membership price.

The committee chair person will track member participation throughout the year.


Committees are as follows:








These changes have become necessary because almost all of the club activities, events, and functions are currently being done by a small limited group of people.  We either need to increase participation by you, our members, or raise the yearly dues to possibly hire outside help.

Currently we have a waiting list of people wanting to join the club but we need help in providing a great club for current and potential new members wanting to join.

The price to be a non-active member is $120.00 per year for current members.

The price to be an active member for current members is $80.00 per year.  (Current price.)

The price for new members is $120.00 plus an initiation fee of $80.00.

After a new member is a member for one year,

the following year they may renew as either a non-active member or an active member.

If any member signs up to be an active member but does not participate as required throughout the year, that member will then be barred from signing up to be an active member the following year.